Collage al Infinito by Trasvorder aka Mariano Peccinetti - 1: Una Parte Del Sueño, 2013  2: Entrar En El Sueño, 2013  3: Contemplation, 2013  4: Pooldreamy, 2013  5: Saturnomar, 2013     Collages: Cut + Paste

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"i wish i was born in the 90s" says the young girl. suddenly, her surroundings change- french flags fly above and around her, crowds are cheering. it is france, 1793. the king is dead. long live the revolution.

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Look At The World’s Greatest Skylines Without Any Lights On

In Darkened Cities, the lights from these famous metropolises have been removed, giving you a glimpse at what a city would look like without the power of electricity.

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Some more sneaks from “TOTEM”, premiering April 22 on adult swim at 4am.